I thought I was good at it!

As I might have mentioned once or twice I have signed up to National Zero Waste Week  which starts next week.  Rae has challenged those who signed up to keep an eye on their food waste this week and for those who have time to keep a food waste diary. I don’t know if I will manage
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More flowers!

We are really lucky to have several beautiful well established rose bushes in our garden.  As I mentioned recently I am not a fan of shop bought flowers and with roses like these in my garden, I really don’t need them!  These roses look beautiful indoors and out! Just over a week ago my husband picked some
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Back garden flower arranging

Several months ago I decided there would be no more shop bought flowers in my life.  Aside from the fact that they aren’t very eco-friendly (often being transported long distances in refridgerated lorries) and that they cost money, there is a free and abundant source of flowers in my back garden. From spring to early autumn there
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