Pizza for Passover and other meals!

Easter and Passover closely coincided this year and after stuffing ourselves with Easter eggs while we could, we spent the next eight days living off potatoes and matzo.  Pesach provides me with a yearly challenge to get creative in the kitchen – a challenge I quite enjoy and with some quite pleasurable results (well I thought so anyway).

Trying to be organised and thrifty I made the traditional fish balls (which my children refused to eat, so we got some shop bought ones for them which actually worked out cheaper and I ate the homemade ones) and fried fish (which I froze for use during the week and promptly forgot about). 

We ate out at friends and family for a few nights, so that took some of the pressure off but there were still a few nights at home, where I had a chance to make it look like our diet was more varied than it actually was.  Three meals in particular stood out for me – a meatball casserole, with layers of meatballs, tomatoes, potatoes and topped with peppers – delicious; rosemary matzo meal crumbed turkey with sliced oven cooked potatoes – so yummy I will be making that on a regular basis and; Passover pizza!

My husband went to visit a friend who fed him kosher for Pesach pizza and he liked it so much, he asked me if I could make it again for him.

Passover Pizza

Step 1:  Make the dough – Ingredients: 2 eggs, 220g matzo meal (medium or cake meal – use what you have), 220g potato flour, 50g butter and 1tbsp of water. Method: Melt the butter and mix all the ingredients together. (Note – this recipe is a rough guide as I made it up and didn’t write it down at the time, so am writing it from memory.  If it is too dry add butter and/ or water, if too wet add more potato flour and matzo meal)

Step 2: Spread a layer of tomato puree mixed with a little garlic puree all over the pizza.

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Step 3: Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese all over the top.  You can also grate over some parmesan and add any toppings you like.  I added some yellow peppers and very finely chopped courgette (so that fussy eaters wouldn’t notice it)

Step 4: Bake in the oven for 20 -30 minutes until the cheese is nice and melted and starting to go crispy. 

Step 5: Enjoy your freshly baked pizza!  It doesn’t taste quite like pizza as you know it, but after several days of eating potatoes, it was a real treat!  Next year, I will make two pizzas (i.e. double the dough recipe) as my family of two adults and two toddlers could have happily eaten more.
None of these meals were very expensive to make – mince meat and turkey are cheaper alternatives to steak and chicken and the pizza ingredients didn’t cost much.  The fish balls were more expensive than the shop bought ones though, so I might have to rethink my recipe next year.

What meals did you eat this Passover?  I’d love some more ideas for next year!

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