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#NoWasteWithin – a new campaign for people who blog about food!

In the UK, we love, love, love sharing pictures of our food and food blogging has really taken off. Even bloggers who don’t blog exclusively about food often add a recipe to their blog. Or fill their Instagram feed with pictures of #foodporn. I am no exception and my Instagram feed is full of pictures of food!

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Food blogging and food waste

These bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers make food look exciting, tasty and tempting. They are influencing people’s food choices and changing the way we think about food. Food is made to look appealing for a photo shoot, and goes to waste by not being eaten.  Avoiding food waste might not be at the top of the agenda, but it is possible! It just takes a little planning.

Food waste is a massive problem for households in this country. The latest WRAP report states that 70% of post farm gate food waste comes from our homes. This waste costs the average UK family £700 a year and can give off methane in landfill.  Food bloggers are perfectly placed to use their influence to lead the way in encouraging people to reduce food waste.

Emma Dawson from the Food Brood raised the issue of food waste in food blogging in a Facebook group recently. In response I suggested we start up a pledge for people who blog about food to sign up to.

The #NoWasteWithin pledge

The pledge is called No Waste Within. You can use #nowastewithin when sharing on social media. Emma has put together a brilliant website jammed packed with information about the pledge. You can join in with it here: No Waste Within.

Go check it out and get listed on the supporters page!

You can also join the UK Food Waste Bloggers Facebook Group. This is a new group for bloggers to discuss this campaign and food waste and blogging in general. I am currently developing a course to help people reduce their kitchen waste. Send me an email on to register your interest and I will let you know when it becomes available.

As a quick overview of the pledge

Write a blog post about the campaign to announce it to your readers to highlight the campaign:

When you’re posts are zero waste you can add the logo and the pledge:

“I promise that no food waste was created by the development, cooking, styling and photographing of this recipe and that, where it wasn’t possible for me to enjoy it myself, I have redistributed, repurposed, retained or recycled the food.” – No Waste Within

For more details and resources relating to the campaign visit No Waste Within Also in case you are wondering, as little food as possible is waste in the making of this blog and I have signed up to the pledge too.


  1. I had no idea the lengths some bloggers go to, to get the perfect photo! We should make this a campaign to show real food aswell not fake food sprayed with chemicals. People who try to make these recipes and they dont turn out looking perfect could be another contribution to food waste.

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