Reduce your food waste!

For years I’ve been working hard to reduce my food waste and I’ve really fallen in love with the subject. Food is a great material to be inspired by and use it up recipes are some of my favourites! In fact I rely on leftovers and over ripe fruit for some of my meals now!  

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I recently decided to start up a Facebook group specifically to talk about how to reduce food waste. Please join and invite all your friends too! You can join the group here: Reduce your food waste Facebook Group. In the group people can share food waste solutions they have found. As well as the steps they are taking to reduce food waste and share news stories.  The aim of the group is to support each other to help reduce food waste and save money in the process! I also have a Pinterest board to go with the group here: Reduce your food waste Pinterest Board. If you are on Pinterest take a look and if you want to contribute to the board let me know!

If you are just getting started in reducing your food waste, I recommend taking these three steps:

1. Keep a food waste diary for a week. Record all the food that you have thrown away each day to see where your problem areas are.

2. Clear out of all your dried and tinned goods. Check the dates on everything. Anything past its use by date will need to be composted. Items past their best before date are often fine to use. Do a use it up meal plan and prioritise using the things that are the oldest first.

3. Every time you go shopping, check your cupboards before you go to the shops. Write a list of what you are running out of before you go to the shops. Stick to that list! When you are writing the list take into account what you learned from your food waste diary. If you realise you have been buying too much fresh food for example, then scale it back.

Continuing on the subject of food waste, I was sent a copy of My Zero-Waste Kitchen: Easy Ways to Eat Waste Free to review. It is a DK book and there are lots of pictures in it. I found it fairly easy reading and there are some good recipes in there. It was a bit light on detail but overall it’s a good introduction to going zero waste in the kitchen.

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