It’s time to stop wasting food!

I’ve been thinking about food waste a lot recently and also vlogging. I’ve had a quick go and put a video together about food waste. Let me know what you think and whether you think I should make more of these or not!?!?!
On the food waste front, I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted, but food waste is not cool, in fact it might be contributing to climate change! For more info other than this video, I also wrote an article for The Money Principle on food waste recently and have written loads of posts on the blog – search under the label food waste!

I have several posts on avoiding wasting various types of food coming up too so look out for them!

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video and if you have a moment spare I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “It’s time to stop wasting food!

  • Really like the video and style (although maybe slightly fast in some sections? Although I could be a slow reader!). I have a portion guide to rice and pasta sellotaped on the inside of my cupboard as I was always overcooking-I got it from the Love Food Hate Waste website.

  • I agree with Kathryn that the video was perhaps a little fast in places – not quite enough time to read the captions.

    Great idea, though. Short and to the point.

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