Valentine’s Day Resolutions 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope it was an enjoyable day for you all.  

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In my household Valentine’s Day really wasn’t a big deal.  We gave each other cards and then had dinner together after the kids were in bed. And that was our Valentines Day. There were no gifts, chocolates or flowers and they definitely weren’t missed.  We probably wouldn’t have done dinner if it was a week day as we would have been too tired.

What was more important to me is that we (well actually I) made some Valentines resolutions for the year. I wrote about this idea last year and it is becoming a tradition for us.  

The thing with relationships is that they can easily go off track, especially when you have kids. It can be hard to find time to spend quality time together. It can become easy to get annoyed over little things and sometimes you just forget to have fun together. I think every so often it’s a good idea to iron out the niggles before they become more serious. Work out a plan to inject a bit of fun and quality time together into your relationship.

On Valentines Day, I prefer think about how to make the year a good one for our relationship.  This year my idea is that we go out on a date together, out the house, once a month.  

Do you struggle to go on dates with your other half?  We do. Our usual problem is babysitters. We can’t afford to pay for a babysitter to go out once a month.  I decided now is the time to change that!.    

My plan is as follows:

  • Ask a friend. Book them in to babysit for us every 2 months. In exchange we will babysit for them every 2 months.
  • Find another friend (from a different group of friends) and do the same as above but on alternate months.

So we will babysit for someone once a month and someone will babysit for us once a month.  2 babysitters from 2 groups of friends means we can actually go out with those friends some months as well!

Don’t get me wrong we have only paid for a babysitter once . Usually we ask friends but often find we are asking more frequently, feel bad and then stop asking. However, this way we will won’t feel bad as we are doing the same in return.  Last week, feeling brave, I asked various new people if they would like to do some babysitting swaps.

They all said yes! So now we have a variety of people we can book dates in with, which is great news! Our first date night has been booked and now I just need to book in the rest of the dates!  

Making Valentines resolutions works really well for us. But I’m interested to know what you think about making Valentines Resolutions instead of giving gifts on Valentines Day. How do you think your other half would feel about it?



  1. Great idea. It's always good to take stock of our relationships and Valentine's Day is a good opportunity. I made my husband an origami heart and he gave me some roses. The night out thing sounds good! 🙂

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