Purple cauliflowers and a water pistol!

Since finishing my year of eco challenges, I still haven’t stepped foot in a supermarket and when I did my food shopping the other day I found two quite unexpected things at my local grocers – purple cauliflowers and a water pistol! I’ve never seen either of these things there before and in the spirit of adventure I brought one of the cauliflowers home with me.
I had told my local grocer about being interviewed on the radio (find out more here) and he listened to it in the shop. When I got to the bit about not using toilet paper (find out more here and here)  he thought it was hilarious and rushed out and bought a water pistol.  I explained that I no longer use water pistols, but it did make me laugh!
The cauliflower tasted just like cauliflower strangely enough and the kids thought it was great. It definitely made a colourful addition to our dinner!

Sustainable gift wrap course

I don’t think I would have found these things in the supermarket somehow and I’m still a big fan of local shopping!

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