Shopping locally won’t necessarily save you money…

Since quitting the supermarkets, I have found that some things are cheaper in the local shops e.g. bulk rice or bulk soy sauce for example.  However some things are more expensive and you might need to spend some time looking around at the options to work out where is cheapest.
I have found that some of the things that are more expensive locally are the branded products that I buy for my husband and kids such as Marmite and Alpen for example.  I have found these in my local shops, but I have only found them in small packets/ jars, which are sold at a much higher price than the bigger ones.  I did find Heinz baked beans were selling at £2 for 4 cans in my local shops though recently compared to £2.50 for 4 cans in the supermarket, so it does always pay to compare
Of course you can make your own muesli from raw ingredients and I have found an alternative to Marmite – Meridian Yeast Extract, which they sell at  Healthy Supplies sell a wide range of healthy foods such as quinoa, peanut butter, spelt crackers, wholewheat flour and much much more. In fact I have found lots of things cheaper at that website than at my local shops and it just so happens that their warehouse is near where I live, so it is local, cheaper and I don’t need to pay delivery as I can go there and pick my order up – win win I say! 
So in order to actually save money by not shopping at supermarkets you may need to:
  • shop around, 
  • go online at times
  • try new brands
  • make most of your food from scratch
It is possible to save money, but if you are thinking of quitting supermarkets, I think it is worth spending some time scoping out your local shops, finding out what types of products they sell and doing some price comparisons to see where the best places to shop are first.
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