The big cheese!

I did it – I bought some unpackaged cheese from the butchers in Southwick Square!  I didn’t just buy a bit, I bought loads of it.  The butcher said that on a Thursday or if I gave them advance notice they could chop a bit off for me, but they were busy and to chop cheese he had to go and scrub up, so he didn’t want to chop off just a bit of cheese.

Sustainable gift wrap course

I took in some old ice cream tubs but found I hadn’t taken enough so when I got home I put them in the takeaway style containers pictured above.  Each time I use a plastic tub, I keep thinking I would like to go out and buy non-plastic tubs for these things and I will do when my buying nothing new challenge is over (unless the plastic tubs break and aren’t fixable as I am allowed to replace everyday reusables that have worn out).

I spent about £19 on approx 2.4kg cheese which should last me around 5 weeks.  I didn’t save any money buying it in bulk and when I eventually run out I will buy it in slightly smaller quantities!  
I went into the Chinese shop in Southwick Square and found that they also sell the Kikkoman soy sauce in large bottles and I found more bicarbonate of soda in bulk there which I will bear in mind for next time…
I spent some more money in the grocers and in total I spent around another £31 – an expensive week, but the food should last me a good while!
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