A bit of a change

I felt like I was cheating on my regular grocers today.  I went to a different one…  I went to Park Farm shop up at Falmer and bought a whole load of fruit and veg.  I went up there because I had to go that way for something else anyway and it made sense…  Then I went to Unithai (a Thai shop) in Hove and then Fish (a fishmongers) also in Hove. 
In the Thai shop I bought a 5kg bag of Thai Jasmine rice which will last us a good while. I think it cost around £10 – but I didn’t get an itemised receipt so can’t remember exactly. 5kg of Thai Jasmine rice from the supermarket would have cost around £15 and come in lots of little packets. 
I bought 2kg of brown basmati rice for around £5 which wasn’t particularly cheap. I haven’t managed to find brown rice in bulk locally anywhere which is a shame – so may have to switch to going online..
I also bought 1 litre of Kikkoman soy sauce for £6 ish (in a plastic bottle).  The shop was selling the Kikkoman 150ml glass bottles with plastic lids for £2.15 (1 litre would have worked out at £14.33) and it is currently £2.49 in the supermarket (1 litre would have worked out at £16.60).  
We often drizzle soy sauce over rice or noodles to add flavour and I like the Kikkoman brand as it contains very simple ingredients.  Unfortunately one of those ingredients is wheat and I’m currently in debate with myself as to whether I can allow an exception to my wheat free diet for soy sauce as I only use minimal amounts of it for flavouring…
If I had bought the equivalent amount of Kikkoman sauce in glass bottles I would have bought 7 glass bottles and 7 plastic lids instead of 1 plastic bottle and 1 plastic lid – neither choice is ideal really, so I decided to send them a message to ask them if they would consider changing their packaging to be more eco-friendly. We will see what they say in response (if anything….) Update – see their response here.
I am learning that it is very difficult to avoid plastic packaging entirely, but what I can do is reduce the amount of packaging by buying in bulk. Even if I did find somewhere that I could buy goods without packaging it will have been transported in some (most likely plastic) packaging anyway, so buying it in bulk is probably the best I can do – at least I can see what kind of packaging it would have been transported in.  
I bought loads of fish, which I will chop into portions and freeze.  I had fully intended to take a reusable container like I had with the chicken to buy the fish but completely forgot and that is why there is a plastic bag in the picture above – oh well better luck next time! 
I spent £74.52 in total on this weeks shop.  I didn’t make it to the butchers for the unpackaged ish cheese so that will be a job for another day!  I also spent about £4 on the top up shop this week.  
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