Shower cap mistake

It may not be a major surprise that ditching plastic (in particular single use plastic) is on my list of things to do during My Year of Eco Challenges.  It is a tricky one though as it creeps into my life in so many ways and giving it up needs a fair amount of preparation.  So I am going to start phasing it out now with the aim of being plastic free by July, just in time for – yes you guessed it Plastic Free July.
Westywrites is also starting to prepare now for Plastic Free July and the other day fell out of love with clingfilm, which reminded me that for ages now I have been meaning to buy a shower cap.  Not for my hair – as an alternative to clingfilm.  So today while doing my ‘local shopping’ I bought one. When I got home I made some bread dough in my bread maker, then put it in a loaf tin to rise covered with the shower cap!

Sustainable gift wrap course

The shower cap was perfect until I realised that it was made out of PVC and I started to wonder if it was food safe.  I think the answer is most likely not, so actually I’m not so sure that using a shower cap not designed to come into contact with food is the best idea.  There are other options though – elasticated food covers, which I think look great!  I now either plan to make some of these or add them to my wish list for Chrismakah (Christmas/ Chanukah) depending on which one happens first!

The bread turned out really well by the way and I loved the way it sliced so easily!

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