The wondrous Wonderbag!

I tested out a Wonderbag and loved it. Check out my full review to find out why and also for my Wonderbag pasta sauce recipe.

Cheaper in the packet

I used to try to avoid buying packaged foods as much as possible because I wanted to stop throwing single use plastic in the bin! This was made much easier by…

Make your own thermal cooker

Why slow cook food? Thermal cookers are great for saving energy, time and money. I batch cook soup and stews and slow cooking brings out lots of the lovely flavours….

Slow cooking soup, without a slow cooker

How to slow cook without a slow cooker I’d been thinking a lot about saucepans and slow cookers when I made a discovery. OK it wasn’t ground breaking but it…

How to choose a saucepan

With so much available it can be overwhelming to know how to buy the most eco friendly saucepans. Here are my tips on what to look out for.

Upcycled dish cloths!

During my decluttering sessions for the Minimalism Game (read more here) I came across some white towels that we used when the kids were babies.  I was about to donate…