A brilliant and simple trick to make the cutlery holder in your dishwasher live longer!

We’ve had our dishwasher for several years and over that time the plastic cutlery holder has developed a few holes. I try to always put knives and forks in pointy ends up to stop them from damaging the base, but something must have gone wrong somewhere! I found it so annoying trying not to use the compartments with holes as I found inevitably I would forget and something would fall down the hole and cause problems when I’m trying to take stuff out of the dishwasher. Luckily my friend taught me a brilliant and simple trick to fix the holes! Basically you get some cable ties * (yes they are plastic, but less than if you had to buy a whole new cutlery holder, if they even sell them anymore for your dishwasher) and thread them through the holes that are meant to be there to block of the holes that aren’t i.e. where a bit of the plastic has broken to create a bigger hole. It’s so easy and simple and does the trick! We’ve managed to extend the life of our cutlery holder for quite a long time by doing that!

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