I’ve decided to give it away!

Well Zero Waste Week came and went and in all honestly there wasn’t much zero about the waste in our household.  Meals were thrown on the floor, food went off and some of my experiments of making food I don’t usually cook didn’t work out that well e.g gluten free pizza and lentil burgers.  Some did though such as the tuna, runner bean and kohlrabi lasagna I made and the other meals were ok.

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One of the things I have realised though is that I have some food in my cupboards (as pictured above) that I’m just not that fussed about and the rest of my family are unlikely to eat. So instead of forcing myself to use them up or letting them sit in my cupboard indefinitely, I have decided that actually the best option would be to give them away. 

A while ago I read this brilliant article by a Girl Called Jack instructing her readers to go out and buy someone 22 meals for the price of a £3 coffee. She gives you a shopping list of things to buy to take to a food bank and a meal plan of what they could do with those foods.  I think that donating food to a food bank is a great idea and love the sentiment behind Jack’s idea, however I reckon a good proportion of us don’t need to buy food specifically to donate. We probably have £3 or more worth of food about to go past it’s best in our homes anyway and it makes so much sense to donate that instead.

If you want to give your food away you can find a food bank via the Global FoodBanking Network (worldwide) or the Trussell Trust (UK only) or for people who are local to me in Brighton and Hove I found this place takes food donations.  If you don’t have any food to give away A Girl Called Jack has this suggestion instead.
There are loads of other options as well like giving it to friends and family, offering it on Freegle and Mrs Green has even more ideas worth taking a look at!

I have started giving some of my unwanted food away already – mainly to family so far, but at my next opportunity I plan to take some down to my local food bank!

If anyone has any other suggestions as to where I could take my food I would love to hear about them!

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  1. I love the idea of giving away food and appreciate your honest appraisal of what will and will not get used in your home. Here's another idea for giving away food: One of my friends had extra so she cooked up a beautiful meal, boxed it up and hauled it to an area where a number of homeless people spend their days. They all got a wonderful lunch and she got many smiles and thanks. It took a lot of effort on her part but wow … she fed people who might otherwise not get a meal.

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