The I Quit Blog Fiesta no.3 – Could you give up supermarkets?

This month the lovely Laura from Nestled Under Rainbows sent me a link to her blog post about putting her money where her mouth is in regards to shopping!  A while ago she contemplated giving up shopping at the supermarket and has decided now is the time to give it a go.  She is shopping at her local farmers market, growing her own and is planning to buy certain things wholesale.
I have to admit Laura is giving me ideas!  There is an interesting article in the Guardian from earlier this year which seems to indicate that giving up supermarkets can save you money and there is a great blog about one family’s year without supermarkets providing me with more inspiration…
There was a time when I bought all my food from Abel and Cole and I am a big fan, however a while ago I went back to supermarket shopping as things changed, the supermarkets widened their range of organic produce and I felt like my shopping habits were almost like a vote.  I think I felt that if I voted organic with my supermarket shop then maybe they would increase their organic produce further.  So many people shop in supermarkets that I thought being a part of it and having a say was more powerful than entirely opting out.
However I used to trust them a lot more than I do these days – now I am far more aware of food fraud.  If you are wondering what I am talking about the recent horsemeat scandal is just one recent high profile example.  Plus don’t read this article if you ever want to trust that what you are buying is really what you think it is again!  
What do you think about supermarket shopping?  It is better to be a part of it and change things from the inside or to opt out entirely and vote with your feet?
See you again next time!
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  1. Wow … that's really an interesting question and a great, thought-provoking idea. I do shop supermarkets and like you, buy the "good stuff" as a way to vote. With organic, fair-trade items I feel reasonably confident that I'm getting what I paid for. That said, we don't have GMO labeling and that presents a whole set of new problems. While buying organic pretty much excludes the GMO stuff, it's not a fool-proof method. When I shop at a farmer's market, I'm buying from the people who grew the food and I can ask about GMO crops so that's definitely a plus. Well, thanks for this … I have to do some thinking and re-evaluating! 🙂

  2. Zoe

    Thanks for your comment Small Footprints! You make a good point about the lack of GMO labelling… More food for thought 🙂

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