Bamboo charcoal water filter review

I have always filtered my water as I have chlorine intolerance. Over the years I have been through a plethora of water filter jugs and disposable water filter cartridges.  We try to keep the costs down by steering clear of the big brands, but these things can still be pricey and ashamedly they were just going in the bin once we were done with them.   
At VegFest in Brighton earlier on in the year, I came across the Charcoal People who sell Bamboo Charcoal Water filters
. They claim that their charcoal is ‘produced without chemical processes…is sustainable and leaves no waste’.  Immediately it seemed to me like it was worth giving a go and they very kindly gave me some of their bamboo charcoal to test out. Even if those plastic water filter cartridges can be recycled, it seems infinitely preferable to be able to reuse my water filter for other purposes and then eventually dispose of it on the compost heap.

I have to admit though that I was slow to get started with the bamboo charcoal as it did seem a little more complicated than using my previous water filter.  For a start you need to boil the charcoal initially and then once a week to sterilise it.    Plus it takes 8 hours before the water has been filtered each time.  So there is no instant water and a bit more organisation is needed.

Once I got going though I found it fairly easy. I filter the water overnight and then again in the morning.  I store the filtered water in swing top glass bottles which I sometimes put in the fridge and sometimes leave out depending how warm the weather is.  I keep the charcoal in my old water filter jug as it is nice to have a lid on the water being filtered.  As for boiling the charcoal for 10 minutes a week – I haven’t found that to be a problem either. I have just put a reminder in my phone to boil the charcoal around the time I am usually clearing up from dinner and it has worked well so far! 
Cost wise it depends on whether you choose to buy them in bulk and how much p&p you need to pay but they can work out a little cheaper than even the supermarket water filter cartridges which themselves are about half the price of the branded ones!

Have you used bamboo charcoal water filters?  If so I would love to hear how you got on with them in the comments below!

UPDATE – Having used the filters for a while I have now written an updated bamboo charcoal water filter review.

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