6 Awesome Easy Homemade Gifts That Will Make Their Day!

A homemade gift says I care. It can be really thoughtful and you get to control what goes in it and how sustainable it is. The thought of how long it might take and what to make can be offputting though. So I’ve put together this list of easy homemade gifts that be loved!

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1. Fudge

Homemade fudge

Fudge is really easy homemade gift. It only needs a few ingredients and stirring skills and is a thoughtful present for a fudge lover. I like to make condensed milk fudge and top it with mini eggs*!

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2. Homemade gift of vanilla extract

This is a very simple homemade gift. You will need some vanilla bean pods, some vodka and an empty glass sterilised bottle with a lid. Split open the vanilla bean pods, put them in the bottle, cover with vodka, put the lid and leave to sit. Shake or stir occassionally. The longer it sits the more the flavour comes through. If it isn’t quite ready when you give it as a gift, just tell them to wait until it is.

3. Bath salts – practical and luxurious homemade gifts

Making your own bath salts is very simple – mix some Epsom salts, sea salt, herbs and / or essential oils of your choosing, store them in a reused glass jar.  

3. Pot Pourri

Another nice homemade gift is some homemade pot pourri – add a few drops of essential oil (or infused oil) to some dried rose petals or pine cones and store in a glass jar

4. Write a mini book. These make incredibly thoughtful homemade gifts

You don’t need to write a novel, it could be as simple as, a compilation of treasured family recipes, inspirational quotes that you love or your favourite jokes. If you already have them in your head, or written on recipe cards for example, it won’t take too long. Writing a book won’t cost you a penny and you could even self publish it for free on Amazon.

5. Make upcycled homemade gifts

There are loads of ideas for upcycled gifts out there including 18 ways to upcycle old jars,  100+ways to reuse old magazines or 20 tin can crafts. What do you regularly chuck in the bin/ put out for recycling?  You may be able to make a great upcycled gift from it instead!

6. Give away your baby houseplants

Have you ever grown a cactus or aloe vera plant. Often little baby plants pop up in the pot. It is really easy to pull them out and repot them to give as a gift.  Plants can be invaluable in helping to purify the air and some plants such as aloe vera also have a variety of beneficial uses. These also make lovely gifts for teachers.

If you want some more ideas for eco friendly presents check out my guide to sustainable gifts your friends and family will love!

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