2. Give good feelings and good times!

This post is the second in a series on changing the future of gift giving in a bid to eliminate, waste, unnecessary spending and panic buying junk. For some ideas of how to give help and support read here. For idea of how to give good feelings and good times read on:
Don’t underestimate the power of good feelings!

When we feel good, everything in life seems to flow better.  Those good feelings can impact on interactions with others and set of a ripple of good feelings amongst the people that we come into contact with.  On December 31st instead of just wishing each other a Happy New Year, why not actively contribute to making it a reality!

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  • Say I love you!  Tell all the people you need to in your life how much you love them and say it regularly.  They need to hear it and will really appreciate it!
  • Say thank you often and without restraint!  Thank people for the things they do directly for you even if they do them every day, or only ever once.  Thank people for the things they do for a wider audience and for the small things and the big things.  It doesn’t cost anything to make people feel that they are being appreciated and not taken for granted.  Plus the more thankful you are, the more you appreciate what you have!
  • Listen to people!  It is all too easy to interrupt others while they are talking (something I am definitely guilty of) or to half listen whilst watching tv, surfing the internet, playing with your smartphone and so on.  People really appreciate being fully listened to, especially at times when they really need to talk about something!
  • Praise, compliment and encourage those around you! If you think someone has done something worthy of praise, looks lovely or needs a confidence boost tell them what needs to be said.  You won’t regret it!
Frame those good feelings in good times!
My best times in life are those spent talking and laughing with close friends and loved ones, those where I have felt a sense of achievement and since becoming a parent the odd day to myself!  Share the things you enjoy and celebrate your achievements with friends and family – add it to your list of new years resolutions and put some dates in your diary!

You could arrange dinners, lunches, walks, fishing trips (whatever works for you) and invite friends and family along for the ride.  Remember to be inclusive – don’t let anyone feel left out and you will create a great sense of community.

Giving good feelings and good times is something that can and I think should be done all year round.  Nobody is perfect though (least of all me) and it is easy to forget to say nice things and organise fun times, so around this time of year rather than focusing on what gifts to buy everyone, it can’t hurt to spend a little more time focusing on how to add a little sunshine in their lives now and throughout the year!

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