9 great ways to give the gift of help

Gifts don’t always have to come wrapped up. Sometimes what someone really needs is the gift of help. There are millions of ways you could offer your help and support to people and they will vary depending on the person in question.  

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Here are some ideas of ways in which help could be offered:

1. Pet sitting and dog walking

If the person owns a pet, you could offer to look after their pet while they are away. Or perhaps you could take their dog for a walk occasionally to give them a break. I’m sure they would love this gift of help!

2. Give help to an elderly relative by visiting them  

It is really easy for elderly people living alone to become lonely and isolated. Visiting, calling and messaging them can really brighten up their day.

3. Babysitting – a gift of help which will be much appreciated by parents

Parents of young children often find it hard to get a night out to themselves. Combine your offer of babysitting with cinema tickets or vouchers for their favourite restaurant and your gift will go down really well!

4. Help with a DIY project

Perhaps someone needs help decorating a room, or fixing a fence. If you have skills in that area and a bit of time to spare you could offer your services.

5. Advertise their small business – an easy gift of help

Someone who runs their own small business would really appreciate your help advertising it –  this could range from handing out business cards, to liking and sharing their social media posts, to telling all your friends and family about it.

6. Be welcoming to new people

Someone new to a club, group, workplace and so on would really benefit from some new friends.  They would appreciate it if you are friendly and invite them to join in with the things going on in your community.

7. Share your stuff

Share your stuff and equipment – we all have stuff hiding in the bottom of the cupboard, back of the garage or in a loft which we rarely use.  If you aren’t using it you don’t need it – lend it to someone who does and ask for it back if/ when you do need it

8. Mentor someone – a great gift of help

Mentoring can take many forms. It could be a long term relationship where you meet up monthly to see how things are going. Or it could simply be a one off session where you talk things through. Whatever your life experiences, there will be someone who will benefit from your knowledge.

9. Give your help as a volunteer

It isn’t just your friends and loved ones that need your help – charities, local committees and fundraising groups can benefit from you offering your time and energy to support their projects.  Find out places you can volunteer in the UK here: volunteer.

Don’t over commit!

Helping people can feel great and even a one off offer of help will be appreciated. But, don’t over commit and offer too much, especially if you have a lot of other commitments in your life. Be clear about what you are offering and aren’t offering right from the beginning so that everyone knows where they stand.  Have fun helping others!

Want to give someone something as well as the help? Check out my list of sustainable gifts your friends and family will love.

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