Back garden flower arranging

Several months ago I decided there would be no more shop bought flowers in my life.  Aside from the fact that they aren’t very eco-friendly (often being transported long distances in refridgerated lorries) and that they cost money, there is a free and abundant source of flowers in my back garden.
From spring to early autumn there are always flowers to be found in my garden, daffodils, roses, flowering bushes, wildflowers, flowering herbs and flowering weeds (if that is any different to wildflowers). 
The flowers I bring into my house don’t need to be huge statement flowers to be beautiful and uplifting.  They don’t need to last for two weeks or be of a uniform type or size either.  The variety in my back garden is exciting and unique.  Not many people have vases filled with curry plant leaves and flowers, or carrot tops and flowering weeds.   
I get to spend time wandering around my garden and to appreciate it for what it is rather than stressing that there are weeds growing in the wrong places.  It is also great fun learning how to arrange something that would usually be ignored or disregarded into a beautiful flower arrangement or several in your home! 
What do you think about back garden flower arranging?  I would love to hear your thoughts.
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  1. Anonymous

    Very inspiring snd like the flowers

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