free valentines gifts

5 free Valentines gifts for women

free valentines gifts
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We don’t make a big fuss about Valentines day in my household.  We just tend to exchange cards and maybe small gifts such as chocolates.  A friend told me he always buys his girlfriend a bunch of roses and takes her out for dinner. Very sweet, but very expensive and is it really necessary?  These romantic gestures set him back around £150 a year, which I think is a total rip off. 

Although it is nice to receive flowers, the reality is that they are often not very eco-friendly, they look nice for a week, then die. Flowers don’t do the dishes, put the kids to bed or change the bed sheets. 

So, to make the woman in your life feel extra special, without spending any money try some of these ideas!

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5 ideas for free Valentines gifts:

1.  A homecooked meal  

OK, this isn’t entirely free, but a homemade meal is far cheaper than going out to eat. If you are not a great cook keep it simple. Make sure you have the place to yourselves and spend a little time setting the scene. Clean and tidy the room you are dining in. Light a few candles, dim the lights and add some romantic music.  The effort you put in to this will really show her how much you care. 

2.  Breakfast in bed  

If you have to be up early for work the next day breakfast in bed, can be a very thoughtful gesture on Valentines Day. 

3. A massage  

It’s not all about food – a massage is a lovely gift.  Learn a few techniques and dedicate half an hour to massaging your wife, girlfriend, partner with no other distractions.  Again don’t forget to set the scene with candles, relaxing music and dimmed lights.  Take the time to listen during the massage and you will have one grateful woman on your hands.

4. Hide some love notes around the house  

Write her love notes and hide them around her bedroom/ home for her to discover over a period of time.  They will put a smile on her face for weeks to come (remember to hide them well).  

5.  Listen to her and take positive action!  

Spend some time listening to her this Valentines. Find out what you could do to make her life easier. Consider coming up with some ‘New Valentines Year’  resolutions to take the relationship forward in a positive way.  For example, if she needs more help around the house, you could commit to taking on more tasks.  She will appreciate that a lot.

Although, in theory you could do all of the above, that would be way too much all at once. 

Just one of these things would wonderful and a great way to show your love.  Also, don’t feel under pressure to be romantic on Valentines day if it isn’t personal to your relationship.  Pick a date that suits you both to do something nice because you want to.

5 free Valentines gifts for women


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