Homemade valentines day gift

Homemade valentines gifts – chocolate hearts!

homemade valentines day gifts

Homemade valentines day gifts that are eco, thrifty and easy to make!

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In my house we have toilet rolls*ad* in abundance. They are actually perfect for packaging little gifts.  These homemade chocolate heart filled toilet roll packages are easy to make, look great and are very inexpensive!

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How to make the pillow box package;

To make the toilet roll package simply push the sides into the middle at each end, so that they overlap.

homemade valentines gifts

I then added some red hearts cut out from red card.

I also made a matching card using some red card and another toilet roll.  This time I cut the hearts out of the toilet roll and stuck them on to the red card.  It was so quick to make and looks lovely!

To fill the toilet roll packages, I made some white and milk chocolate hearts.

White and milk chocolate heart instructions (makes around 40 small hearts):

homemade valentines gifts


100g milk chocolate
100g white chocolate

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  1. You need to get out a non-stick tray or sheet to put the hearts on. When I made this I lined a tray with baking paper, but now I would use baking paper alternatives.
  2. Melt the milk and white chocolate in individual bowls in the microwave for 2 mins on high power.
  3. Pour each type of chocolate into separate piping bags using narrow nozzles. Tip: if you don’t have any piping bags you can make your own using baking paper. But if you are going to use them regularly and are quitting baking paper, then it may be worth investing in some reusable piping bags.
  4. Pipe heart shapes of each colour on to the baking paper/ baking paper alternative. Leave enough space to fill the shape with the other colour chocolate.
  5. Put the tray of heart shaped chocolates in the fridge for a couple of hours
  6. Scrape up all the dried chocolate out of the piping bags and put it in a jar to be used again. It makes great chocolate sprinkles! 
valentines gifts

Once I my hearts were ready, I put them in little paper bags, which can be popped inside the toilet rolls.  If you don’t have any paper bags and want to be even thriftier, you can use the baking paper to wrap the chocolates up! Or if you would prefer to avoid waste altogether use a reusable wrap or bag inside the toilet roll

Valentines Gifts

I really enjoyed making these chocolate heart filled toilet roll packages.  They are great homemade Valentines day gifts. They would be fun to make with kids and aren’t just for Valentines day – they would make lovely party favours too. Have you been getting crafty for Valentines?