Should you shop in the Black Friday sales or buy nothing that day?

Friday 25th November is Black Friday, a day that has been taken over by sales, but some people prefer to call it Buy Nothing Day. 

The argument for buying nothing is a protest against our buy now chuck it next week or in a few months time because it was so cheap when we bought it culture. The vast majority of us have too much stuff already and have a river of stuff flowing from the shops into our homes and out to landfill at record speeds. This is a massive problem for the environment and for our wallets. Plus it doesn’t matter how discounted something is, if we don’t actually need it, it is a waste of money and resources.

However not all stuff is bad and although it is possible to go a long time without buying anything new, there are lots of great quality products that can help reduce waste and save money which are worth investing in. Some of those products are pretty pricey and if finding them reduced in the sales is the difference between being able to afford them or not, then I think it makes a lot of sense to shop in these sales.

Products I have spent good money on include things like:

Products like these should last for years saving cash and waste in the long run and are worth spending money on.

If you aren’t set on boycotting the sales and do want to grab a bargain on Black Friday, make sure you don’t get carried away and buy stuff that you really don’t need at a price that isn’t actually as great as it first looked by following these simple rules.

  1. Make a shopping list and stick to it! If it wasn’t on your shopping list before you went into the sales then it isn’t something you actually need.
  2. Do your research. You don’t want to be trying to work out which slow cooker to buy on Black Friday and panic buying at the last minute. Work out which brand is the one for you in advance!
  3. Price check. You want to check where it is selling for the best price currently and how that compares with it’s historical prices. Camelcamelcamel can help with this (click on the flag at the top right hand corner to select your country) – it lists historical prices of products on Amazon so that you can find out when a product was at it’s rock bottom price and how much that was. Don’t get sucked in – just because something says it is greatly reduced, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it cheaper another time/ somewhere else!

My approach to Black Friday to avoid the sales if I don’t need anything, but if I do need stuff, then I take advantage of the reduced prices. What do you think, do you think we should all boycott it or take advantage of the discounts to buy really good quality products that will save money and the environment in the long run?

Coming up next Monday: Look out for my blog post on 6 easy ways to keep your heating bills down!

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