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Are you ready to kick start your journey to less waste?

September is often a time for new beginnings. There is that back to school (or work) feeling after the summer holidays are over. It’s a great time to set new goals and with zero waste week starting on Monday. Why not let it kick start you on a journey to less waste?

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Last week in the Reduce your food waste Facebook group we prepared for zero waste week by keeping a food waste diary.

My food waste this week

The idea is to see if there are particular problem areas that needed dealing with. My food waste for the week included bananas and milk which I had tried to rescue by blending together. I then realised I had ruined the bananas because the milk was too far out of date and I wasn’t happy to use it.

One son managed to some spill oats and milk on the floor making his breakfast, my other son sneaked a potato skin into the compost when I wasn’t looking and I burnt a small amount of popcorn. Other than that, the things that went in the compost weren’t edible (or they were things I wouldn’t usually eat) e.g. avocado peel, banana peel and pepper innards, so we didn’t do too badly.

This week in the food waste group we are going to get as close to zero food waste as possible. Come and join us! I will be posting each day to see how everyone did. We can also share our food waste avoidance tips with each other.

You might not think keeping a food waste diary for one week would have much of an effect on you. However, I’ve found that keeping a food waste diary changed the way I thought about food in my kitchen. Now I hardly waste anything and we have saved ourselves so much money reducing our food waste!

Don’t forget to sign up to Zero Waste Week itself to get all the zchallenges and tips! Sign up here: Zero Waste Week

Good luck with reducing your waste – I hope it goes well!


  1. Rachelle Strauss

    Thanks for encouraging everyone to join in Zoe and it was interesting to read about your ‘real life’ scenarios; it paints a real picture of the fact that ‘life happens’. What a shame about the milk :O

  2. Zoe

    You are very welcome Rachelle – thanks for running such a brilliant campaign!

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