Homemade bath salts. A zero waste recipe

homemade bath salts

How to make homemade bath salts?

Bath salts are really quick and easy to make a home! If you grow Lavender at home then bath salts can make a great personal gift. Or just a treat for yourself.

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Several months ago I harvested the lavender flowers growing in my garden and put them in a big bucket. Remembering I had some bath salts I had bought in bulk I combined the two making a jar of relaxing bath salts. Here’s how you can make bath salts at home;

homemade bath salts

Homemade Lavender Bath Salt Recipe:


Lavender flowers

Sea salt


  1. Pour salt and lavender flowers into a jar and mix together. Add around 3 – 4 times as much salt as lavender flowers.
  2. Sprinkle a spoonful or two into a hot bath and enjoy.
  3. Alternatively display in a nice jar and give as a gift.

What did it cost me to make?

The jars pictured above were 80p each from Ikea. The lavender grew in my garden, and the original plant was a gift, so that didn’t cost me anything. I bought the salt in bulk from France when we did a house swap a couple of years ago. We went on a tour of a salt marsh in Aigues Mortes, which I found fascinating and saw the different stages the sea water needs to go through until it evaporates entirely and becomes salt! I paid around 6 euros for 5kg’s of good quality attractive sea salt! All together it cost me approx £1 to make the bath salts. Which compared to a similar product here at £14.50 is a big saving.

The shop bought product contains lavender oil instead of actual lavender. So you could put a few drops of lavender oil in the bath if you want to!

How to make this recipe zero waste?

If you are thinking of making these bath salts consider the following;

  • Using local unpackaged sea salt limits packaging waste and airmiles!
  • Failing that look to buy in bulk.
  • You don’t have to stick to sea salt . Rock salt, epsom salts, even bicarbonate of soda are included in lots of bath salt recipes. Use up what you have first rather than buying new.
  • Home grown or locally grown lavender also reduces air miles and packaging. If you don’t have any lavender try other herbs. Make sure there aren’t any bits that will clog the drain though!
  • Reuse jars you have at home before buying new.

If you are looking for other ideas for things to do with lavender, lavender wands are lovely – see how to make them here. Bunches of lavender in vases look beautiful and lavender also tastes great as a herbal tea – make sure it hasn’t had a pesticides or anything sprayed on it first though!