Emma’s stylish Laura Ashley toilet wipes!

At the Zero Waste meet up I went to last weekend (read more here), I met Emma who told me about her very stylish Laura Ashley toilet wipes! She uses them for no. 1’s only and has saved loads of toilet paper from being used!
Emma says:

They are old fabric samples already cut (I paid 10p for a pack of about 20 samples, but you can order about 5 free samples from the website or ask in fabric shops for samples for free). I simply sewed two bits together. I only use them for no1s.  As they are double fabric one is enough and 100% cotton.  It says dry clean only. But mine have been in the wash and came out fine. 

Emma also makes smaller versions for make up wipes!
I think they are a genius idea, especially if the samples are for fabric that is no longer being sold and the shop needs to get rid of them anyway.
We also had a chat about toothpaste. Emma has been brushing with a mixture of coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda with no problems for around a year, so I think I am going to give it a try (no promises at the moment though)!
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  1. I've been using coconut oil and SB for about 18 months. It actually cleared up my periodontal problems in a matter of weeks and leaves my teeth feeling extra clean, so I would definitely recommend.

    Anyway, I now know what to do with the samples my mum gave me.

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