Help get plastic microbeads banned!

Plastic that is designed to be used once or twice and then thrown away is a massive problem. It can kill wildlife big and small, as well as get into the food chain and has accumulated in our oceans on a grand scale. Just as frightening as the large plastic that gets into our waterways are the small, tiny bits of plastic which are being poured down the drain.
Microbeads are small plastic balls sometimes added to things like toothpaste or exfoliating products. Toothpaste does not need added microbeads and if you want to exfoliate I can highly recommend body brushing. You buy a body brush once, use it for years, save yourself money, start up a great new habit and avoid not only plastic microbeads, but the plastic containers they come in and a host of other ingredients that may not be so brilliant either.
A petition has been started up to ban cosmetic products containing microbeads from being sold in the UK and if it gets 10,000 signatures government will respond to it, if it gets 100,000 signatures it will be considered for debate in parliament.  Let’s make this happen! You can sign the petition here and also help by sharing the petition on all your social and real life networks as well as your blog if you have one!
If you haven’t tried body brushing before and want to know what it is all about – here’s a how to on body brushing by Ashley from this site here.

Thanks for signing this petition, it will be so great if it is successful!

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