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This morning I came up with an idea. It was inspired by the lovely Karen Cannard who tweeted the above and a friend who has recently decided to set up a book club (in real life). I used to belong to a book club with a few friends and it was always a great excuse for a get together (and sometimes we talked about the book :)).  Anyway the whole book club idea was fresh in my mind and this great book recommendation came along. I’m not sure my real life book club would be up for reading it (although I could try them), but I could imagine my Twitter/ blogging friends / readers of this blog would be. So I recklessly decided to start up a virtual book club for green/ sustainable/ eco/ money saving/ ethical books! Now I actually have to get hold of a copy of the book and read it!
I invited some Twitter friends – @Westywrites, @mommyemu, @myzerowaste, @KarenCannard, @makeandmendyear and @polytheenpam to join the club. My plan for how it will work is as follows:
  • We will each take it in turns to choose a book. Karen has chosen the first one – Clothing Poverty by Andrew Brooks.  
  • We will give ourselves 6-8 weeks to get hold of it and read it
  • We will have a virtual book club get together on Twitter to discuss the book!  Our first will be on the 29th April with not virtual wine as suggested by @Westywrites being an optional extra :). Throughout the day we will be discussing the book using the hashtag #susbc (for sustainable book club)
  • You are all welcome to read along with us and join in the conversation on Twitter.  I will also be chatting about it on my Facebook Group here on the day, so please do join in there as well!  

This book is pretty expensive so I decided to see if I could borrow it from the library instead, but they don’t have a copy yet – it is a very newly published book.  Browsing my local libraries website, I have now discovered I can request that they purchase e-books, so I put in a request! I then phoned up a library and also put in a request for a paper copy. It is now a waiting game to see whether they will buy the book or not (in either format).  I asked if I could reserve the book if it is purchased and they said there would be a 50p charge for reserving a paper book. The digital book didn’t look like it had any reservation charge on it. I decided to go for reserving both of them and see what happens first.  I don’t mind paying 50p to reserve a book – it is a lot cheaper than buying a new one and the library is a good cause!
If the library option doesn’t work, I might consider asking a friend or two if they want to buy a copy with me to share as that would also work out a lot cheaper!  Plus we could sell it on afterwards and get some of our money back.
I am really excited about this book club – I’m interested to see which books will be chosen and it will be great to be able to chat about them with people reading them at the same time! I will keep the blog updated with the books we are reading so you can join in too. I hope you enjoy the book club and if you do read the book, please do let me know what you thought of it!
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  • I am uber thrifty and I love the book club idea. I didn't know for sure where to post my comment. I can tell you there are some really good thrift store type website wear I buy my clothing when I don't go to good will. I have to be honest at this point I only buy clothing when I get bored with wearing the same item for so many winters here in the cold north. Your group might also be interested in this fun list of inexpensive thrifty based books >> I totally have interest in this club you can add me @writer2day 🙂 cannot wait! I will check the FB for the new book.

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