I’m trying!

You might be forgiven for thinking that I have completely forgotten about my challenges for this month, but I promise I haven’t, I’ve just been busy and haven’t had much time to write about them! Busy doing things like hosting a clothes swap party (read more here), looking after the kids during half term and convincing my husband that we really do need that bath that someone was giving away on Freecycle. It is going to make a great veg planter. Well that is what I am hoping :).  I think it just needs a little bit of tlc to make it look a bit more attractive and not just like our garden has become a rubbish dump.
I was also kindly asked to write various guest posts including one for Thrift Week – a whole week of thrift which sounds great! You can read my post here.
The end of the month is getting closer though and I wanted to provide an update before I start on next month’s challenge! Just to recap in case you don’t know I have set myself a challenge to make £10,000 in a year without getting a job (read more here).  This month my plan was to start renting out my car on the weekends as we have two cars and we don’t need to use both of them on the weekends.  My other plan was to sell on car advertising to a local company. 
It took me forever but eventually I signed my car up to Easy Car Club. I have a thing about forms (I don’t like them) but actually it really didn’t take me long at once I actually sat down and did it.  It is free to sign up and list your car and you can either choose how much to rent the car out for, or they allocate what they think is an appropriate rate.  They have a refer a friend scheme, so if you are thinking of renting someone else’s car through them and want to sign up then use this code: zo520m and you will get £10 off your first rental! 
I haven’t had any interest so far, but they have a section on their site advising how to promote your car and that is on my list of things to do next!
As far as on car advertising goes I phoned a few companies to ask if they wanted to advertise on my car, but I haven’t had any luck so far, but I have someone who I think might be interested.  I will continue to plug away at this!

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