The I Quit Blog Fiesta no. 10

It’s the 10th edition of the I Quit Blog Fiesta. I have to admit that I have been starting to wonder if I should carry on with My I Quit Blog Fiesta as I haven’t been having many people sending me links on things they have been quitting.  
I will carry on with this Fiesta for the time being though as although I’m not getting many people joining in, I think sharing stories about and celebrating the quitting of all things bad for the environment, our health and our wallets is really important. There are so many things that so many people (including myself) have unhealthy addictions to and half the time we don’t even realise it (even when we joke about it, sometimes we don’t genuinely realise we are addicted). Things like smartphones, tv, lipsalve, junk food, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, shampoo, shopping, cars, computer games, fizzy drinks, supermarkets, plastic and loads more. 
Quitting these things, doesn’t just help us, it helps the planet too as the lower the demand for these things, the less they will be produced and the less damage will be done to the environment. We are constantly bombarded with messages that we should continue consuming these things and it can be really hard to quit something, especially if we don’t think there is a problem in the first place.  I’m hoping that by sharing our stories we can help and inspire each other.  You might think something completely different and if so that is fine and I would love to hear about it in the comments below!
Anyway back to the Fiesta – this time I’m going to write about not using shampoo as I haven’t written about it in a while. 

I have written about going ‘no poo’ too many times to mention, but in brief summary I haven’t used shampoo since late September 2013. This is my second attempt at going ‘no poo’ – the first was not a success (and I tried for 6 months)

I have been doing a mixture of using olive oil soap on my hair, just washing with water and not washing it at all for days.  
I washed my hair with water today after not washing it at all for 3.5 weeks. The last time I washed my hair I used olive oil soap and it was looking ok.  It stayed looking ok for around a week.  Then it got greasy and it stayed greasy for around a week.  Then it got slightly better for several days, then it started getting greasy again.
It’s not looking brilliant at the moment (picture taken today after washing my hair), but I’m wondering if I leave it a bit longer without using olive oil soap, whether it will sort itself out again…  I’m going to see how long I can endure it for!
I do tend to wear it down a lot these days. Putting hair up can damage it. So although it doesn’t look brilliant, I try to wear it down as much as possible.  
I could just wash it with olive oil soap once a week and my hair would look fine, but I would really like my hair and scalp to get used to having no products on it at all.  I know this will take months as last time after 6 months, it still hadn’t adjusted fully. This time though I am giving it a year, so here’s hoping it sorts itself out before then!
I had a quick look around on google and I found a new ‘no poo-er’ here.  I really hope she has an easier time of going ‘no poo’ than I am!  I also noticed that Jen of My Make Do and Mend Year has a few New Years Resolutions which you can read about here, one of which is to quit TV for a month – good luck Jen!

Sustainable gift wrap course

UPDATE:  Forgot to also mention Westywrites great new challenge not to buy any new clothes for the whole of 2014, which you can read about here!

See you again next time!
If quitting has saved you money, was kinder to the environment and / or improved your health and you have written a recent blog post about it, then please send me the link in an email to by 25th January to be included in the next fiesta which will go live on the 1st February 2014 (ish).

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I look forward to reading all your ‘I quit’ stories! 

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  1. I haven't quite managed to go complete without shampoo yet, but I am washing it less often with shampoo and have even started researching my own. Hopefully I can on say make my way to 'no-poo'!

  2. I think I could easily do this "no poo" seeing as I have very little hair. Next time I run out of the stuff I'll see how long I can go without it 🙂

    I'm sure there are many people enjoying reading your I Quit Fiesta's who are lurking and not commenting!

    Seeing as you asked for links here is a link to my yearly plan:

    As you can see buried in there somewhere are a few "quitting" challenges:
    1 month without alcohol and caffeine (currently in progress)
    1 month without meat
    1 month with literally no added sugar in the diet

    I'm already pretty low on some of the other stuff such as TV, junk food, and never drink fizzy soft drinks at all nowadays. So your example along with some other websites I've read definitely are setting a good example and making a difference.

  3. Zoe

    Thanks for the link theFIREstarter – some good challenges there! I think going no poo is meant to be really easy for people with short hair, so hopefully it will work for you.

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