A hair update!

In case you haven’t already been following my ‘poo’ free journey, I went shampoo free again on the 27th September.  I washed my hair with olive oil soap and then didn’t wash it at all for 2 weeks.  I washed it again with olive oil soap and then went another 3 weeks without washing my hair.  I decided to take photos at the two week point to compare and it did look better than it had at the previous two week point.  After three weeks I washed my hair with water and left it for one more week.  By that time I found I had a head full of grease and reached again for the olive oil soap last Saturday. 
It looks ok at the moment and even before I washed it with soap, I was feeling confident enough to wear it down as I think it looked ok.  I am going swimming once a week at the moment so can’t leave my hair unwashed for weeks at a time for a while, but am going to try and just wash it with water for a few weeks again.  
The one thing I have noticed about my hair is that it gets far more tangly than it used to and it needs brushing much more, but apart from that it seems fine..  At least I know now that I definitely don’t need shampoo – even if I’m never successful at going to water only washing, I know that olive oil soap does the job!  The olive soap comes in cardboard boxes which can be recycled, it is inexpensive, has minimal ingredients and I only use it very ocassionally – I think this is infinitely preferable to bottles of shampoo!

Sustainable gift wrap course

I will continue to put updates up about my hair every so often – maybe every few weeks, so you don’t all get too bored!  

So far I have given up shampoo and supermarkets as part of My Year of Eco Challenges and now I’m preparing to give up plastic too. If you have a moment I would really appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring me with an action on my DoNation page. Also if you liked this post please click like on Facebook and follow on Twitter – thanks so much!


  1. Very interesting. Our family moved first to baby shampoo, and then to an organic SLS-free shampoo 'base' which I water down and use as shower gel, handwash and shampoo (though I've realised that soap goes further than shower gel so I've just started using bars of soap). My hair is so very greasy I'd be hesitant to try leaving it any longer than two days. I'm intrigued to know what happens in the long run.

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