Food waste diary: Day 2

I’m keeping a food waste diary in preparation for Zero Waste Week. Yesterday we had less food waste than the day before.  There was still some though and this is it in pictures:

Sustainable gift wrap course
Kids snack
There was a little leftover omlette from dinner, but I put it in a pot in the fridge to eat today.
I think one of the problems I have is that it can be quite hard to judge how much food my 3 year old will eat as some days he doesn’t stop eating and some days he hardly touches his food… 
An improvement on day one  – can I do better today?
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  1. This is great! You really don't seem to waste much but I love that you're doing an audit and thinking about ways to create zero waste. Whenever I do this kind of activity, I'm always amazed at how much we actually toss out … especially those bits and pieces of veggie ends. We compost them but still … I'd like even that to be bare minimum. Mrs. Green shared this post as part of our Change The World Wednesday challenge so I'll be including it in next week's wrap up. 🙂

  2. Zoe

    Thanks Small Footprints – you have such great ideas for challenges!

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