What a lovely bunch of flowers!

There is a flower van near our house and we often drive past reading the signs – ‘Say Get Well with flowers!’, ‘Say I Love You with flowers’.  Well I didn’t know flowers could talk – did you?   If someone wants to tell me they love me or to wish me better then I would rather they actually said it, than presented me with a bunch of flowers.  Flowers that were most likely grown using pesticides and fertilisers, that used up large amounts of water and then were transported possibly long distances in refrigerated trucks. 
Don’t get me wrong I do like flowers.  They can look really beautiful displayed in a vase, however I just don’t see any need to buy them from a shop, when they are so readily available in my back garden.  
My husband knows my feelings about flowers and the other day completely unprompted he went and picked some from the garden and made a rather beautiful flower arrangement in our kitchen as pictured – aren’t they lovely!  I don’t know why we hadn’t done it sooner to be honest, sometimes I just forget that we can cut a few flowers and bring them inside…
Have you picked and displayed any flowers from your garden recently? Would you give home picked flowers as a gift?
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