Why I love buying my clothes from charity shops!

There was a time when I would feel embarrassed to be caught buying my clothes in a supermarket let alone a charity shop.  Times have changed though and now instead of being embarrassed about shopping for clothes in a supermarket, I would simply prefer to go to a charity shop and buy things secondhand if I can and this is why:
  • Secondhand clothes are sooo much cheaper than new ones and more affordable.  
  • If you shop in a charity shop the money goes to a good cause 
  • Buying secondhand is an eco-friendly option
  • If you have young children they can play with the toys in the charity shop while you are perusing the clothes.  
  • Preworn clothes have most likely already been washed and any leaky dyes/ chemicals added to the clothes have already been washed out – I will ashamedly admit to buying some new jeans recently and I have noticed that they have been leaving blue residues on my chairs in my kitchen and even on my legs!
  • I find making the decisions about whether or not to buy something much easier and less stressful as the items are low cost and the money spent is going to a good cause.  

I have found that it is worth picking your area for the type of clothes you are after as although there is a usually a range of clothes to suit all ages in most charity shops some areas will have more kids clothes and others will have more suited to an older person for example.

Sustainable gift wrap course
Today we hit the charity shops as I have gone down two dress sizes since going on my sugar free diet and my clothes are starting to get a bit too big for me.  I was particularly looking for tops and I managed to find 7 that I liked (as pictured above) spending a total of £16.50!  I’m pretty sure my weight will continue to go down as I have a little more to lose and I may soon find these clothes are too big for me. At that price however I don’t mind investing a little for the meantime.  Plus I can always sell them on/ donate them back to charity when I am done with them.
My husband and two children also joined me on my shopping spree and to keep my 4 year old entertained we gave him £2 to spend in the shops and told him it was his choice what to do with the money.  He loved it and he bought a small hot air balloon toy and a puzzle with his £2, which then provided the afternoons entertainment when we got home!
I really enjoyed the shopping trip today and am looking forward to wearing all my ‘new’ clothes!
How do you feel about buying your clothes from a charity shop?  Would you feel proud or embarrassed to tell people your clothes came from a charity shop?
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  1. You got a good haul there! I usually find I don't have the patience to look for clothes for myself – although I have no problem at all wearing second-hand stuff and telling people it's second-hand. I do get lots of kids clothes from charity shops, sooo much cheaper than new and like you say they are already worn in a bit and more comfy 🙂

  2. Zoe

    Thanks Make do Mum – I was pretty happy with my haul. I also buy most of my kids clothes secondhand, but so far have been going to NCT nearly new sales for them. As they get older though I will definitely be looking for their clothes in charity shops!

  3. I loved buying secondhand or pre-loved clothes because they are branded clothes with cheaper and affordable as well. But sometimes, I don't like to go shopping because there are plenty of people in a shop selecting and picking for the best and nice and it's so crowded, I cannot select the clothes properly.

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