4 board games that will have you in hysterics!

I have to admit I don’t have a huge amount of time to play board games at the moment, but on the rare moments when we have people over, we aren’t too tired and the kids are either watching tv or asleep we sometimes play board games.

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We have lots of board games sitting in the cupboard that we have amassed over the years and every so often we like to dust them off.  I usually don’t have the mental capacity for anything which involves too much brain power and all I want to do is have some light relief. Playing the right light hearted board games with good friends though can be really hilarious and these are my top 4 to play with friends:

1. Cranium – there is admittedly a little bit of thinking involved in this game, but there is also singing, drawing, acting and playing with playdough – what more could you want!

2. Mr and Mrs – In this game you have to answer questions about your partner – although I’ve been married for several years now my husband and I do appallingly badly at this game and it has me in stitches every time!
 3. Dirty Minds – this game is filled with seemingly filthy clues for perfectly innocent things and you have to guess what they are.  Great for putting a totally different perspective on things and can have you chuckling to yourself for days to come!
4. Balderdash – I have only played this game once, but it was so funny watching my friends talking utter rubbish about words I had never heard of that I was in tears.  Would love to play it again sometime!
The pictures link to Amazon, where you might be able to get these for a bargain price secondhand if you don’t already have them in the cupboard.  Otherwise it is worth keeping an eye out for them at charity shops, and car boot sales or even asking around friends and family if anyone can lend them to you.
Which board games have you in hysterics?  I’d love to hear about them!

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