All wrapped up… fabric!

wrapping paper

Buying wrapping paper can be costly and as it gets thrown straight in the bin once the gifts have been opened it’s also wasteful. Last year I wrote about some alternatives to wrapping paper, this year I have some more to add to the list. Here is how I’ve used fabric to wrap presents for my family.

After writing about changing the future of gift giving last year I decided that this year I would do just that. This year I am going to give good feelings, good timessecondhand or homemade items. I offered help and support to loved ones and friends, rather than a whole load of new stuff destined to clutter up their homes on their way to landfill!

I did buy a number of secondhand gifts for my children though. Amazingly I paid a total of around £15 for all these items.  I found these in charity shops and school sales! I then hunted around the house for things to wrap them up in.

Fabric Wrapping…

My Mum gave me some blue fabric a while ago, and as blue is my 4 year olds favourite colour I knew he would approve.  My mum also gave me a bag full of ribbons, decorative string and tassels.  I dug out all the gold coloured ones and tied up the gifts.  They looked so appealing, I wanted to open them!  

wrapping paper alternatives

When I ran out of blue fabric, I wrapped up a gift in an old kids t-shirt. I wrapped my younger son’s gifts in his old babygrows, using all the blue ribbon I could find!

I also used a couple of babygrows for my older sons presents. They are great for wrapping up small gifts!

wrapping paper

We also had a pair of old jeans, with holes in all the wrong places, that were beyond repair.  Chopping them up Istuffed the legs with a couple gifts for my husband!  I then tied them up with some white ribbon (as pictured at the top of this article) and they looked lovely!

wrapping paper

Next year …

I hadn’t planned on giving so many gifts to my children, but the gifts weren’t expensive and were mostly educational.  They will be passed down and then given away as my children outgrow them.  After the gifts were unwrapped (we give gifts during Chanukah – so our gift giving is already over for this year), the fabric went back in the cupboard to be used again next year, or for something else!  Wrapping these gifts was a fun challenge and I was really pleased with the results.  My children didn’t bat an eyelid at their gifts being wrapped up in fabric and were just eager to undo the ribbons and find out what surprises were hiding beneath!  I will definitely be wrapping up my kids presents in fabric again next year!  

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