Do you really need to use lipsalve?

A little while ago I decided to review my constant use of lipsalve / lipbalm and wrote a blog post about it: what to do with chapped or dry lips. Some of the comments suggested that I just stop using it.

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I decided to get rid of all the vaseline based products that I owned and went cold turkey.  Well I did for a few days at least.  My lips felt tingly and sore and I just couldn’t resist using some beeswax based lipsalves that I had bought a while ago.  Once they ran out though I didn’t get around to buying any more and went back to having sore lips.

After around a week I found that my lips felt fine, but the skin above my lips felt a bit sore.  I put a little Calendula Cream on it (my favourite cure for sore skin) for a few days and after a while I just stopped needing it.  I haven’t used lipsalve for several months now and am so pleased. 
What are your experiences of giving up lipsalve or lip balm?  Did it solve the problem of dry or chapped lips?  I would love to hear your comments.

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Caution:  This information relates to my personal experiences only and anyone repeating this process does so at their own risk.  Calendula cream should be applied externally only and in accordance with the instructions in the packet.  If in doubt consult your doctor.


  1. I think that once you start down the lip chap route it actually makes you dependent on it.

  2. Intriguing experience. I remember this being a hot topic among my girlfriends a while back – are you addicted to lip balm? I've been switching from Vaseline to Burt's Bees.

    On one hand, if moisture is stripped out of lips or skin by environment or other factors, it makes sense to put it back in. On the other, by constantly applying balm your skin doesn't moisturise itself.

    I went cold turkey on shampoo for 10 days on the same principle. I finally caved…couldn't stand the way my scalp felt!

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