Get the balance of your food right and help your bank balance!

I recently wrote an article about portion sizes which once you get right can save you from wasting food in the kitchen.  Portion sizes are important, but they need to be looked at as part of a wider picture i.e. how much of each type of food you should be putting on your plate.  If you get the balance right it should mean that you are eating exactly the right amounts of the right types of foods and there shouldn’t be any waste.  This is good for the environment, your bank balance and your waist!

The NHS website has a section devoted to the ‘Eatwell Plate’ (read more here, which shows that roughly a third of your food should consist of fruit and veg, a third starchy foods and the other third split between protein, i.e. meat, fish or poultry and dairy products with a small slice allowing for items high in fat and sugar.  They say that you shouldn’t worry too much about individual meals, but more that you are getting the balance right across the week.

There are various plates on the market aimed at helping you eat the right amounts of each type of food, although none seem to directly match the ‘Eatwell Plate’, they are probably helpful in providing a guide.


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Just from looking at them you get the idea, but if you think it would be helpful to have a continuous visual reminder for how much you should be eating of each type of food, it might be worth an investment.  You could shop around and see if you can get one cheaper second hand or even have a go at making your own!

Having looked up these plates, I can immediately see that my family are not eating enough vegetables and are probably eating too much protein.  We do have fruit and/or vegetables at every meal, but not in the proportions shown, so I am now feeling pretty motivated to up our intake of vegetables and decrease our intake of protein.

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