Become an instructor

Are you spending a fortune on football lessons,  giving your credit card a good work out at the gym or making a musical education more expensive than it needs to be?  If you find you are spending lots of time and money on an activity, either for yourself or your loved ones, why not go the extra mile and become a trained instructor.  Then after an initial investment of some time and money, instead of paying to do the activity you can get paid to do it instead.
If you are a fitness fanatic and pay to exercise 3 times a week, why not train to become a fitness instructor instead.  You could become a personal trainer or take over an exercise class.  Often in these roles, the instructor does just as much exercise as the instructed.  Even if you work full time, if these are activites you are doing in your spare time anyway, why not take the extra step and make money from them.
Nowadays, there is a dazzling array of classes available for babies and toddlers.  Your child could take golf lessons, learn French, join a music group, learn baby signing or attend arts and crafts sessions.  Many parents and children like the structure of attending a set session each week and are regular attendees at these classes.  Instead of paying to go to a session each week, however you could consider setting up your own group.  If you already speak a foreign language for example and want to pass that on to your child, then setting up a group could be quite simple, especially if you have a good network of other young parents around you.  You could just start in your home or hire a local hall, which are often quite cheap on weekdays.  The programme could be fairly simple to start with and could be built upon over time.
From a young age and as your child grows up there are various sports activities on offer to them.  Instead of standing on the sidelines, watching the class or game from a distance, you could train to become a football, netball or even swimming instructor for example.  It might be best to make sure you have chosen your childs favourite activity before doing this, as it would fairly frustrating to put in a lot of time and effort and then find out your child has a new favourite activity a few weeks later. 
What activities do you spend money in your spare time on and do you think you could become an instructor for an activity rather than paying for it?  Are you an instructor already?  I would love to hear your stories below!

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