Bring the outside in: have a herbal bath

Do you grow herbs or have access to a herb garden?  Herbs are a great use of any outside space you may have.  They have numerous health benefits, are cheap plants to grow and in the right conditions, many will last years in your garden or outside space. 
There are many ways in which you can make use of herbs, one of which is to have a herbal bath.  You can use just one herb in your bath or a combination.  You could even add some petals from flowers growing in your garden for a luxurious or romantic bath. Rose petals are the most obvious, but others may work well too (although check they are safe to use first).  Combine the herbs and petals if using with some bath salts such as Epsom Salts (these salts are good and relieving aches and pains amongst other things) and good quality unbleached sea salt (these contain beneficial minerals which are released into the bathwater) and sit back and relax. 
Herbs which are good in the bath:
Lavender:  This is a good herb to use in your bathwater as it has a pleasant smell and soothing properties.  Great for a relaxing bath.
Rosemary: This increases circulation and has been claimed to have aphrodisiac effects – combine this with some rose petals and it would be great for a romantic bath for two!
Mint: This is invigorating and revitalising, so best not used just before bedtime!

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If you are using fresh herbs, the more the better as their smell and effects will be greatly diluted in the bath.  If you are using dried herbs less will be needed, but experiment to see what works for you.  Herbal essential oils will be very strong, so a few drops should be enough, these can be used alone, or in conjunction with fresh or dried herbs.

TIP:  If you use fresh herbs, then ensure that they are either small enough to go down the plug hole, big enough to collect before you drain the water, or place them in a securely fastened small porous bag (you could use a sock if nothing else is available).
For more information about uses for homegrown herbs, see my previous post about growing your own tea: 
For more information about Epsom Salts see this website:

CAUTION:  If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication, seek medical advice before using herbs and salts in your bathwater.

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