A trip to the toy library!

Today we had our second visit to the library in Whitehawk   It is housed in a lovely large spacious modern building and as well as books also loans out toys – which was our real reason for visiting.  We went there for the first time a few weeks ago and I immediately wished we had been
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What a great haul!

This half term I’ve booked in playdate after playdate – a great way to keep the kids entertained in the holidays.  Today I met up with a school mum and we had a lovely day – the kids played, we chatted, perfect!  We went back to hers for a yummy lunch and while we were
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Why I love buying my clothes from charity shops!

There was a time when I would feel embarrassed to be caught buying my clothes in a supermarket let alone a charity shop.  Times have changed though and now instead of being embarrassed about shopping for clothes in a supermarket, I would simply prefer to go to a charity shop and buy things secondhand if I can
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All wrapped up…..in fabric!

Buying wrapping paper can be costly and as it gets thrown straight in the bin once the gifts have been opened it’s also wasteful. Last year I wrote about some alternatives to wrapping paper, this year I have some more to add to the list. Here is how I’ve used fabric to wrap presents for
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An Eco Thrifty Christmas

Christmas is approaching fast and Chanukah even faster!  There are last minute presents to buy, meals to plan, parties to attend and it is easy to get caught up in the rush and spend more money than you really want to and buy products that the rest of the year you wouldn’t look twice at.  There are
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15 reasons to buy, borrow or be given second hand items

The items are likely to be cheaper than if you bought them new If you buy from a charity shop your money will go to a good cause You will help to prevent perfectly good items going into landfill Reuse is more environmentally friendly than recycling as there is a carbon cost to recycling. You
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Feel good about buying second hand furniture

Are you plodding along making do with clothes rails instead of wardrobes, or waiting until you can afford it to buy a nice kitchen/ dining table.  Well don’t wait, just buy something second hand.   When we moved to our new house, we had room for a table in our kitchen which we hadn’t had previously. 
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