A points scheme for ethical shoppers!

Photo credit: Bonsum Do you like to buy organic food, fair trade clothes or you really want to get a water butt for your garden? Well there is a new website which will give you points called Bonets every time you shop with their listed ethical retailers. The Bonets can be redeemed against your next
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The I Quit Blog Fiesta no.12 – oops I nearly forgot!

This month I am running a little late with my I Quit Blog Fiesta, but here it is – better late than never! Two inspirational ladies are taking on two challenges this month and I had to write about both of them. Westywrites is just about to embark on going Supermarket Free for Lent and
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A giving update!

I’ve been doing my giving challenge for 6 and a half weeks so far (read more here) and I haven’t been keeping track of everything I’ve given.  To start off with it felt like a big challenge, but now I don’t stress myself out if I haven’t actually gone out of my way to give something on a
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Week 2 of giving…

Over the last week, I have constantly wondered what I can give each day and it hasn’t felt very easy.  I read an article about giving to strangers (can’t find it now) and it talked about giving smiles and compliments. Well I tried smiling at people when out and and about and first of all,
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Brussels sprouts

Last year I bought some frozen brussels sprouts that came in a plastic bag from the supermarket for Christmas dinner.  I cooked some of them but the rest of them sat in my freezer practically the whole year.  I started making the effort to use them up during National Zero Waste Week and literally only finished using
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My Year of Eco Challenges – Challenge 4

  This months challenge has very much been inspired by the Moneyless Manifesto.  At this point in my life I wouldn’t feel comfortable going entirely moneyless. I can see however, how it could be of huge benefit to the environment and all that dwell within it and I can take baby steps towards the ideal of
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