Flux, menstrual pants, women wearing menstrual underwear, body positive, sanitary towel alternative, tampon alternative

Crowdfunding roundup – FLUX and Ecoed! Sponsored post/ Ad

Crowdfunding, FLUX, menstrual pants, women wearing menstrual underwear, body positive, sanitary towel alternative, tampon alternative

Crowdfunding has become a really popular way for new businesses to raise funds and bring their products to the market. All kinds of businesses are being being born via crowdfunding these days including lots of eco-inspired products and services. I am writing about two eco-inspired start ups today. The first is FLUX – a new type of period underwear. The other is Ecoed, which is an educational app currently being developed for adults, businesses, schools and children, to help them live a more sustainable life.

Sustainable gift wrap course

FLUX – period underwear crowdfunding campaign! (Picture credit – Flux)

Sanitary towels and tampons really should be a thing of the past. They pollute, they cost you money every time you are on your period and they are annoying in so many ways. Plus there are some great reusable alternatives like reusable sanitary towels and menstrual cups. There is also another alternative which I think sounds amazing!!!! FLUX is a new type of underwear that can absorb your period. Literally all you have to do is put on their knickers and that is it. They come in a variety of styles and are meant for women of all shapes and sizes.  Some even have a clip at the side so you can take your knickers off without taking your clothes off.

Body positivity, inclusivity and charity

The founder of FLUX says she is ‘crazily passionate about promoting body positivity and inclusivity, and breaking taboos!’ This is illustrated by using unedited pictures of women of all sizes, ethnicity and more to advertise her brand.

FLUX also wants to give back and they have a ‘By You, For Her’ scheme. ‘for every pair of FLUX bought by you, a girl in the developing world will receive a reusable washable cloth pad’.

Eco credentials

The panties include materials like bamboo, which is considered to be more sustainable than cotton and regenerated nylon. The nylon comes from Econyl. FLUX say Econyl ‘collect nylon waste such as fishing nets that are damaging our seas and the earth and unable to decompose. Econyl have already eliminated 11,000 tons of waste and avoided 41,000 tons of CO2 emissions so we’re working with a great team and helping to free our earth of waste.’ The knickers are super-absorbent and do contain synthetic (a.k.a plastic) micro-fibres. However they also plan to sell wash bags to go with them which they say will trap microfibres.

Support their crowdfunding campaign and hopefully bag yourself a pair of these pants by clicking here: FLUX Panties.* and pledging your support.

Ecoed App’s crowdfunding campaign.

Ecoed is a new sustainable living app which is currently being developed. It is described as a ‘fun, interactive, game aiming to help children and adults gain awareness and inspire action. They hope it will transform ‘their daily habits towards a greener way of living’.  This app could be really good for someone new to sustainable living or who want to get their kids interested in it.

The wider society

Ecoed say they are  ‘also looking into working with schools, business and civil society to develop programmes and joint projects’. They want ‘to reduce individual and collective environmental footprint, tackling practical, day-to-day situations where changes can be made to minimise environmental impact.’

Find out more and support Ecoed

Take a look at the video above and visit their site www.ecoedgame.com to find out more. They have also launched an Indiegogo campaign Ecoed Indiegogo campaign to support the costs involved with building the App. Ecoed would love your support in helping them achieve their mission.

Disclaimer this post has been sponsored by FLUX and Ecoed and contains an affiliate link marked with an asterisk.