Why should you vote for me in the UK Blog Awards?

Hi lovely readers,

Someone has really kindly nominated this blog in the green and eco section of the UK Blog Awards – thank you to whoever it was! I think it is fantastic that there is a whole section devoted to green and eco blogs in these awards and I feel really honoured to be competing with some great blogs!
I would love to win this award, because it could help to raise the profile of the blog and also my core message which is that being eco-friendly doesn’t need to cost the earth and being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to forget about being eco-friendly!  
So I’m asking you to please take a few moments to vote here for Eco Thrifty Living in the UK Blog Awards. There is only a short window to vote in these awards – the vote closes on the 19th December at 10.00am, so don’t wait, vote now! Thank you so much for your support – I really appreciate it.

Sustainable gift wrap course
Thanks so much for your time!

Zoe x

UPDATE: I have also been nominated for an award in the Hot100 (to do with rubbish reduction in case you are wondering). Please can you take a few seconds to vote for me there too – thank you!

Coming up next: Look out for my blog post on Thursday on intelligent and remote heating controls – what’s the point in them?