Zero Waste Week Day 5!

It’s the final day of Zero Waste Week today and so far so good! 
There was a very wobbly moment this morning when it looked like my younger son wasn’t going to finish his breakfast, but then he asked for an apple and the rule in our house is that you have to finish what you are eating before eating something else. So he decided to finish his breakfast and eat an apple.
At lunch time I didn’t have time for a salad because I had a really busy day and I was getting ready for the Show Me the Money conference and awards tomorrow – buying train tickets and deciding what to wear. I’m still not sure yet – I was having one of those days looking in a wardrobe full of clothes and thinking I have nothing to wear! So instead of salad I had some marmite and cheese cracker sandwiches using up some of the free crackers I got via Olio with a little bit of veg on the side and nothing got left behind!
When I picked up the kids from school, one of the school mums was handing out beautiful baked breads, french sticks and rolls that were left over from a cafe or bakery (her husband has a cafe I think and it is either their bread or from a bakery or something nearby). We took a couple gladly and the kids munched on half each of one of them on their way home from school and this one below made it home!
For dinner I decided to make the kids food early – they had mashed potato / sweet potato with cheese and fruit for dessert. We are having dinner later – spring rolls, crispy duck and pancakes which we buy from a local specialist Chinese supermarket to have as an occasional treat. The potatoes needed using up as they are starting to go a bit soft and wrinkly and the duck has been in the freezer a while. So we are making do with what we have. I’m sorry but I’m not going to report back after our dinner as as I need an early night!
I want to say a massive thank you to Rachelle Strauss for all her hard work organising Zero Waste Week, her dedication and enthusiasm have been so inspirational to me and so many. I want to also thank her for starting up a great podcast series called ‘Be the change’. She is interviewing people who are making positive changes for the environment and you can listen in on her interview with me published today here Be The Change Radio – Zoe Morrison!
Zero Waste Week is going from strength to strength and it is a lot of fun to be a part of. If you missed out this year, don’t worry you can sign up to the newsletter and be on top of the game for next year! Also in the mean time you don’t have to wait for Zero Waste Week to start reducing your rubbish – take a look at the stuff you are throwing away and see if there are any easy changes you can make. You never know by next Zero Waste Week you might be volunteering to have a week without throwing anything away!