Easy peasy relaxing and zero waste lavender bath salt recipe!

Recently I have been on a decluttering mission! Several months ago I harvested all the lavender flowers growing in my garden (we have a whole border of them) and put them in a big bucket where they remained.  My intention was to strip the flowers off the stems and do something with them. I finally got round to it and filled a few jars of lavender flowers mixed with salt and a vase with plain lavender as pot pourri as you can see in the pictures above and below! I also found when I was stripping the flowers from the stems that lots of seeds fell out, so now I have a little jar of lavender seeds!
Lavender Bath Salt Recipe:
Lavender flowers
Sea salt

  1. Pour salt and lavender flowers into a jar and mix together (add around 3 or 4 times as much salt as lavender flowers).
  2. Sprinkle a spoonful or two into a hot bath and enjoy!
  3. Alternative display in a nice jar and give as a gift!

I actually bought the jars pictured above from Ikea and paid 80p each for them. Yes really I went to Ikea, but I had a good reason – I was taking advice from one of the comments on this blog post here. The lavender grew in my garden so didn’t cost anything except my time (the plants were a gift) and the salt I bought in bulk in France when we did our house swap a couple of years ago (read more here). We went on a tour of a salt marsh in Aigues Mortes, which I found fascinating and saw the different stages the sea water needs to go through until it evaporates entirely and becomes salt! I think I paid around 6 euros for 5kg’s of really good quality very attractive sea salt! For one of those lavender salt jars it cost me around £1. Alternatively you could spend £14.50 here on a very similar product, although it contains lavender oil instead of actual lavender – you could put a few drops of lavender oil in the bath as well if you feel the need!
The environment:

If you are thinking of making these bath salts
  • Local unpackaged or failing that bulk bought or cardboard packaged sea salt limits packaging waste and airmiles! Also you don’t have to stick to sea salt – rock salt, epsom salts, even bicarbonate of soda are included in lots of bath salt recipes – use up what you have first!
  • Home grown or locally grown lavender also reduces air miles and packaging. If you don’t have any lavender try other herbs – make sure there aren’t any bits that will clog the drain though!
  • You don’t have to go out and buy a jar – just reuse a jam jar (I was very restrained on my trip around Ikea, but I couldn’t resist these jars, as as much as I try I’m not very good at making jam jars look good).

If you are looking for other ideas for things to do with lavender, lavender wands are lovely – see how to make them here, bunches of lavender in vases look beautiful and lavender also tastes great as a herbal tea – make sure it hasn’t had a pesticides or anything sprayed on it first though! 
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