January blues

This month has been a strange month for me in many ways. For the first time I have 5 school days a week to myself.  In theory I have more time to do stuff than ever before.  In practise I feel like I have too many things to do and not enough time!
This is partly because I have a long to do list and I am feeling overwhelmed by it.  To be able to rent out my car or my home or my stuff I need to make sure it is clean, looks it’s best, is organised and tidy.  The walls and doors in my home could do with a new coat of paint and as I have mentioned previously my car has a whole load of little dents in it. There are so many things to do I have been struggling to work out where to begin and if I’m honest it has been stressing me out a bit!  Plus it isn’t just the practical side which is worrying me – I feel quite out of my comfort zone with quite a few of my ideas, but then I felt quite out of my comfort zone with a lot of the ideas I had for my Year of Eco Challenges and they worked out well (in the end 🙂 )
Alongside that I have been writing a book, which will hopefully help people looking to go on their own ecothrifty journeys!  Sometimes I have bursts of inspiration and all I want to do is write and write.  Then I start wondering who on earth is going to want to read my book, aren’t there loads of better books out there etc etc and from time to time I lose confidence in what I’m doing.  To be honest that has happened throughout the time I have been writing this blog.  I have dips in confidence where I wonder if it is all worth it, but I do think that is normal and they always pass. So I will keep going with the book writing.
Another problem I have been having is not feeling lonely exactly, because I love spending time by myself and I do see people every day  – if nothing else I have a chat on the school run, but I think I need a bit more structure to my week and to have planned time out of the house at least once or twice a week.  My main plan is to go to an exercise class, but every week I come up with an excuse not to go -I need a friend to drag me along with them!
I’ve been struggling to work out how to focus my time and because of that indecision I don’t feel like I am being very efficient at anything, which is really frustrating!
One last thing which may have been making me a little blurggh is that I have been doing dry January. I don’t drink much usually, but I starting drinking more than I should especially over Christmas and combined with being sugar free, I am getting no sugar hits at all and that can be hard at times…Even a bit of alcohol and I put on weight and need to get over the sugar addiction again.  On the upside since I stopped drinking I have lost weight again!
It isn’t all doom and gloom though.  I’ve come up with a plan to try to make my money making challenge less stressful by spreading it over the course of the year and have dedicated a whole page on the blog to it (take a look here). That should give me time to plod away at the book and do everything else I need to do (like the washing, the school runs…).  

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