The I Quit Blog Fiesta no.12 – oops I nearly forgot!

This month I am running a little late with my I Quit Blog Fiesta, but here it is – better late than never!

Sustainable gift wrap course

Two inspirational ladies are taking on two challenges this month and I had to write about both of them.

Westywrites is just about to embark on going Supermarket Free for Lent and has written a great list of things not to buy in preparation for the challenge including things like fruit juice, clothes and tissues – find out more here.

Jen from My Make Do and Mend Year has also set herself a challenge over Lent – The Six Items Challenge. It is basically a challenge to only wear 6 items of clothing for 40 days over Lent. There are some exceptions like nightwear, exercise gear etc you can find out more here. Jen is raising money for Labour Behind the Label who are a ‘not-for-profit cooperative that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions.’ She is encouraging people to join her in this challenge and I was very tempted, but I don’t think I am ready for this one just yet (although I’m pretty sure this type of challenge will be featuring in my life at some point soon!). You can sponsor Jen here and I’m sure she would really appreciate your donations.

I am still going with all my quitting challenges as part of My Year of Eco Challenges (read more here) and here is a quick (ish) update as to how they are all going:

  • I’m still shampoo free and still wouldn’t say it was successful just yet.
  • I am continuing to stay away from the supermarkets and am enjoying shopping locally.
  • I have made a few leaps forward in the last few days at going single use plastic free and have successfully made peanut butter and pasta! Well when I say successful I found them edible and even had to take a break from not eating wheat to try the pasta (i.e. eat it for dinner two days in a row).  I haven’t successfully blogged about them just yet though and plan to do so soon. 
  • I haven’t bought anything for myself (although I have been given a couple of things and we have bought a couple of things for the house, but I haven’t actually broken any of my rules) – read more about this challenge here.
  • I am doing a pretty rubbish job of mending things and although a stitch in time saves nine, I have been slowly watching various things disintegrate around me.  
  • I am still giving things away (I guess this is tenuously a quit as each time I give something away I quit owning it : ) ).  Some days/ weeks I give more than others and some days I don’t give much away (if anything at all).  I don’t beat myself up about it though and keep looking for those opportunities to give.  
  • My Rubbish Diet challenge has ended, but I have now stopped chucking lids in the bin and keep thinking – I really must order a Green Johanna, I really must order a Green Johanna (one of these days I will get round to it).  I have also started putting more paper in my compost bin, especially paper that I have used to mop up spills and I haven’t used any kitchen paper at all for a few weeks now.
  • I am finding my latest quit – toilet paper – really easy and slightly entertaining (read more here and here – you know you want to 🙂 ).
I think that is it with the quitting stories for this Fiesta, but I would love to hear from you next month!
See you again next time!
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I look forward to reading all your ‘I quit’ stories! 

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