Citizen muscle…

I think The Story of Stuff is one of the most important messages of our time.  It highlights so clearly how our current linear system of extracting raw materials, making, selling, buying and disposing of stuff is not working. The story doesn’t end there though, in some ways it just begins – it highlights how desperately things need to change.
There are various other Story of Stuff video’s, but until recently I hadn’t taken the time to watch them.  I had noticed that there was a Story of Change video, but I think I had decided I already knew what I needed to do.  I needed to change the way I shop.  I needed to buy more eco-friendly products, or not spend money at all.  I didn’t need to watch the video.
But in The Story of Change Annie Leonard highlights that although making ethical shopping choices is a good thing, it is not going to be enough to change the world.  We need changes in local, national and global policies and to bring about these changes we need to exercise our ‘citizen muscles’. You can watch the Story of Change for yourself here below:


Ever since I started this blog, I have looked at myself and worked out how to change what I do.  I have thought about things like the food my family eats, the clothes we buy, the electricity we use (or don’t use), the places we go and the waste we create for example.  I have been giving my ‘consumer muscle’ a good work out. I have hoped that other people would see what am I doing and feel more inspired to make changes themselves and that I would be making a difference just by writing about the changes I have made.  Right now it doesn’t feel as if I’m making much of a difference though and until now I hadn’t really given much thought to exercising my ‘citizen muscle’. 
I am totally outraged at some of the things going on in this country at the moment e.g. the relentless march towards fracking, the building and continued use of incinerators and the goverment support for nuclear power to name a few.  I am seriously concerned about the level of plastic in the oceans, the loss of natural habitats and pollution of all kinds,  but aside from maybe signing the odd petition on, I haven’t really done anything about these national and global issues.

To be totally honest I don’t really have too many ideas about how to exercise my citizen muscle though. It’s just not something I’ve really done before, so all and any ideas are gratefully received…  What kinds of things could I / should I be doing???

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