Quick saucepan lid fix!

I was having a bit of a tidy up today and found a saucepan lid that has been hanging around for some time. When my inlaws had a clearout a little while ago they gave us a whole load of saucepans.  For some reason this lid got separated from the saucepan and I’m not entirely sure what happened to it (I gave some away to charity/ I might have put it up in the loft…).

Sustainable gift wrap course

Anyway, my husband took one look at it and unscrewed the handle and popped it on our saucepan lid which we have been using without a handle since it broke, which I think is brilliant.  Plus I’m really happy I can now cross saucepan lid of my list of things to mend.

We do now have a saucepan-less lid with no handle in it, but I have one idea of how to make use of it – to use it as an alternative to clingfilm to cover a plate (if I block up the hole in the lid…).  Anyone have any other ideas???

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